Millennium Trust

We believe that corporations have a social responsibility to share their success with their community. It is members of the community, our clients, that allow us to grow and prosper, and we firmly believe that we should do what we can to share our success with the community.  In 1999, we established the TPC Millennium Trust with the Victoria Foundation to facilitate donations to the communities where we and our clients live and work.

About the Victoria Foundation

To quote from the Foundation’s Annual report: “The Victoria Foundation was established in 1936 and is the second oldest and eighth largest of community foundations in Canada.  They share the mandate of providing a way for individuals, companies and organizations to invest in the future of our communities.  Their gifts are held in perpetuity, while the earnings are used to support charitable organizations.  In this way, donors create a permanent legacy – a testament to their belief that the quality of life we are fortunate enough to enjoy will be maintained and enriched for generations to come.”

Starting the Millennium Trust

The purpose of the TPC Millennium Trust is to provide funding to qualified charitable organizations that support children.  Such charities would include organizations that help children in a variety of ways – whether they are victims of illness, poverty, disability, homelessness or abuse.  In situations involving spousal abuse, the fund would provide not only for the children but for the spouse as well.  In this way, organizations such as shelters for abused families would be able to benefit from grants.  However, Revenue Canada policy requires that the final say rest with The Foundation.  The Foundation essentially provides an administrative function for the fund.

Every year, TPC Financial solicits donation requests from clients. If our clients have a specific charity that they would like to receive a donation, TPC Millennium Trust will submit a request to the Victoria Foundation to allocate funds to that specific charity.


As a client, if there is a charitable organization that you support, let your advisor know and they can submit a request to the foundation on your behalf. This is one way that TPC Financial can help give back to the communities in which we all live.

Past recipients of TPC Millennium Trust donations include the following charitable organizations:

  • TenOaks Project
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
  • Big Brother & Big Sisters of Yukon
  • Beacon Community Association
  • Pacific Centre Family Services Association
  • Scouts Canada – Cascadia Council
  • Children’s Family House Society of BC
  • Simon Fraser Society for Community Living
  • Victoria Youth Empowerment Society
  • North York General Hospital Foundation
  • AboutFace Craniofacial Family Society
  • Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre
  • Victoria Women’s Transition House Society
  • A.N.A Fund Society
  • Kaushee’s Place