TPC Financial is proud to work with Professional Corporations and medical professionals across the country. Beyond the testimonials included below, numerous clients are available for references upon request. Please call or email us for reference contact information.

Coach and Quarterback for My Team of Advisors

"Before starting with TPC, for years I had an investment advisor, insurance agent, accountant, and a corporate lawyer. Individually they did a reasonable job, but they each worked in silos and it was up to me to coordinate all the players. As a physician, I certainly do not have the required skillset to maximize my financial affairs.

Since joining TPC in 2009 I feel that I am maximizing my opportunities based on my family’s current circumstances. TPC acts as the coach & quarterback for my team of advisors and routinely speaks to them to ensure that our goals are proceeding as planned. In addition, they have encouraged us to also partake in real estate investing as an important long-term vehicle for income, especially in this new economic climate. I strongly feel that TPC has my best interests at heart and highly recommend their services."
Dr. Charles Knapp, Physician

Invaluable Advice While Purchasing My First Practice

"I was fortunate enough to get started with TPC at the beginning of my career and I really can't say enough about them. They have consistently offered sound and appropriate financial advice based on my individual needs and wants. When I was purchasing my business, they went out of their way to be there every step of the way... from reviewing business valuations, to offering guidance for the purchase agreement, to negotiating with the banks, to developing a sound financial business plan and much much more. TPC is an invaluable resource, and they are extremely honest, thoughtful and insightful. I trust them completely and would highly recommend them."
Dr. Chélise Kasun, Dentist

Advice Based on Education and Trust

"Choosing a financial advisor can be a tricky business. Ideally, you want a competent, professional, who you can trust to handle all your financial planning and management needs. TPC financial encompasses all that and more. I have had the advantage of Tim Paziuks’ expertise for over 25 years, his passion and knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, and most importantly his sound financial advice has allowed me to be confident that my lifestyle will never be compromised."
Dr. David Christie, Dentist

Planning a Lifetime of Goals and Objectives

"Financial planning is a lifetime endeavour and TPC has given us the time, commitment and continuity of their advice as our financial consultant for more than 20 years. We have had their guidance through the development and evolution of our professional corporations and investment holding companies. They have been invaluable in the planning for our children's education, our wills, insurance needs and POA's so that we are confident that our family is secure until our children have finished their post secondary education. Our ongoing relationship with TPC has allowed us financial security for our retirements."
Dr. Valorie Cunningham, Physician

Trustworthy and Accessible Advice

"TPC has co-ordinated our financial affairs for 23 years. They have consistently given prudent advice for both the short and long term. Trustworthy, reliable, and easily available, they provide an excellent personalized service,-all with a friendly, approachable style. Our decision to engage their services was our most wise financial move."
Dr. Robert Zimmerman, Physician

Education-Focused Advice

"I am the course director for a practice management course in the Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University. The students have TPC's book as a reference in this course. The feedback I have received from my students is that it is an easy read at a level that we as health care professionals can understand. TPC has also helped several of my graduating students with questions on debt management and purchasing practices."
Dr. Chris Lee, Dentist

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