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Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success – Medical Edition

Tim Paziuk has over 38 years of experience working with professional corporations in Canada. After much industry misinformation and frustrated professionals who were hearing conflicting and incorrect statements regarding incorporation, he decided to write a book.

As the business landscape for professionals across Canada continues to change, Tim and his firm, TPC Financial Group Ltd., have grown into what is widely recognized as the foremost resource for professionals and financial planners alike.

Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success provides an in-depth look into the benefits of incorporation and the steps required to realize all of the benefits that a professional corporation has to offer.

After the initial release in 2004 and a comprehensive update in 2011, the 2018 Federal budget marks another landmark change in how corporations are effectively used by professionals across Canada. With the changes released in the 2018 Federal budget and recent industry turmoil, Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success provides an objective resource to determine if incorporation is right for you, and to help navigate the business side of being a professional.

Tim is pleased to announce that the updated 2019 version of Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success – Medical Edition, is now available for purchase.

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Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success – Dental Edition

With the success of Profession Corporations: The Secret to Success. We recognized that although the general principals in this book apply to professionals across a multitude of industries, the dental industry in particular offers intricacies that were worth exploring in more detail. Leveraging his decades of personal experience working with dental professionals and his relationship with Adam Neal, an experienced advisor to dentists across Canada, the two collaborated on this dental specific edition to explore the unique opportunities and challenges that dental professionals face throughout their careers. To learn more about this book and find out when it will be available for purchase, keep reading.

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The Financial Navigator – Managing Your Success

The Financial Navigator by Timothy PaziukTim’s second book, The Financial Navigator – Managing Your Success provides insight into all aspects of the financial industry. It addresses the state of the U.S. economy and how it impacts Canada, it outlines who the major players are in the financial services industry and how they are currently impacting your professional corporation. Finally, Tim’s second book looks to remove the curtain between your “advisors” and the companies they represent in order to see exactly what they are getting by offering you their services.

How transparent is the financial services industry? Find out in The Financial Navigator – Managing Your Success.

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