Investment Management

Our office operates as a fee-for-service financial management company. This allows us to make unbiased and objective investment recommendations. When was the last time your investment advisor instructed you to sell your holdings and purchase real estate? Our fees are independent of your investment values and allow us to recommend the most effective investments for your individual situation.

Our Beliefs

  • Invest in what you know. Your business, your education, your future.
  • Nobody should have their investments be limited to the products their “advisors” are authorized to sell.
  • Cash flow generated from investments is what funds your lifestyle after you have finished working. Work to maximize this income.
  • Focus on tax-efficient investments within your corporation.
  • Know what your investments are costing you, management fees shouldn’t be hidden behind MER’s.

Upon reviewing your current holdings, we can determine what investments are most suitable to meet your goals based on your specific situation.

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