Getting Started

At TPC Financial, we focus on financial management that encompasses all aspects of your life and see ourselves as partners in your financial health. As such, our in-depth approach is embodied in our five-step process used to create our financial plans.

If you’re considering incorporation, take our interactive quiz to find out if it’s right for you and submit your responses. Or we can discuss the options available to you during the initial discovery process.

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Discovery Process

Our discovery process consists of a short meeting with one of our advisors, either in-person, or via video conference. This initial meeting is to gain understanding of your specific situation and address any concerns that might need immediate attention. After the meeting, we’ll provide you with a number of documents outlining exactly what is needed to create our financial plan.

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Once our office has received all appropriate documents, you will be contacted by a coordinator if any additional information is required. Our advisors will use all relevant information to create a financial plan that addresses all of your objectives and concerns.

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Once your plan has been completed, you will be contacted by our office to arrange a meeting. Your advisor will present you with your financial plan, as well as written recommendations outlining any changes that we feel could be addressed.

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Recommendations, important dates, and other important tasks are outlined on a 12-month implementation schedule. This schedule is provided to the client and outlines what task is to be completed, who is responsible for each task, as well as a timeline for completion.

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Follow Through

Every month, you will be contacted by our office to ensure that all items have been addressed and nothing is left without action. As you move forward with your schedule, we amend your monthly implementation to reflect any changes that may occur.

To get started with TPC Financial, feel free to ask us a question and someone from our office will contact you to go over your request.

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