Shareholder Maximization

As a shareholder of your corporation you enjoy the benefits of ownership. How you get paid, how much you get paid, and when you get paid are all choices you can make.

Participation in most government programs is optional for your corporation. Whether it is RSP’s, the Canada Pension Plan, or in some jurisdictions Workers’ Compensation, the choice to participate or not is yours to make.

To verify whether you are taking advantage of all your financial options, pull out your current financial plan. Review what you are doing for yourself and your company. Are there alternatives that might be more beneficial? Not everyone should contribute to RSP’s. Not everyone should contribute to the Canada Pension Plan. Your written financial plan should provide you with different models which clearly show you the financial advantages and disadvantages of your participation in these options.

Shareholder maximization is personal; it is not based on what everyone else does.

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