Financial Management

Our experience and expertise allow us to develop the most in-depth and solid financial strategies suited to your particular situation. However, creation is only the beginning. We move your plan forward reviewing regularly, then implementing, monitoring, measuring and refining to keep your plan current. Like you, we’re in it for life.

Our financial management focuses on ten areas of expertise in order to provide our clients with a strong foundation for financial success. Our office monitors all areas of your financial environment to ensure everything is working together to meet your goals.

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you have an effective working relationship with your principal financial advisor?
  • Do you have a written financial plan?
  • If so, does it incorporate the following components?
    • Does your plan list your goals and objectives in order of priority?
    • Does your plan list all of your assets and liabilities?
    • Does your plan include a cash flow projection?
    • Does your plan illustrate the financial effect of your death, disability, or retirement?
    • Does your plan integrate all aspects of your financial life?
    • Does your plan give you a detailed method of implementation?
    • Does your plan include objective analysis, or is it a computer generated report?
    • Does it provide unbiased investment advice, or are they recommending company owned securities.
  • Do you review and adjust your plan at least annually?

If you are unsure about any of these, you many not be getting the most effective financial management. Let our office review your situation and prove to you why we are the leaders in financial management for professionals.