Professional Corporations

Professional Corporations: The Secret to SuccessIf you are a physician or dentist this book will help you understand the benefits and applications of an incorporated practice, making you aware of the steps you can take toward saving taxes and maximize your financial opportunities.

If you are a financial planner or advisor, you can learn the application and benefits of incorporating medical and dental practices.

Since the original book was published way back in 2004, there have been many changes in the financial industry that have a direct impact on your Professional Corporation. New rules and regulations have created even more opportunities for professionals to keep more of what they make.

The new version of Professional Corporations – The Secret to Success is larger, more in depth, and is the foremost resource for successful professionals.

New and expanded topics:

  • When and how to reorganize your Professional Corporation.
  • Students and new graduates.
  • Adding a family trust.
  • When to use a holding company.
  • The new dividends – understanding eligible dividends.
  • Increasing the income from your Professional Corporation while reducing your taxes.
  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts – when not to use them.
  • Divorce and separation.

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